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Rose gap filler

Rose gap filler

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Custom made rose gap filler is designed to sit between two teeth and cover your gap. Alternatively, it can go between any chosen two teeth without space (gap) between them.

You can choose any teeth on your top or bottom 8. The design is available in silver, yellow or white dental gold, 10k, 14k and 18k solid yellow, rose and white gold (not plated). Our quality is guaranteed and comes with a standard shiny/ mirror finish. To add more caps, select the quantity and specify which teeth you want made.

Contact information: Whatsapp/call +447592 500 453 or Insta dm @Londongrillz

Ordering from the UK: includes free mould kit with two tries and a prepaid return label/ envelope so you do not need to pay for sending mould kit back. It also includes a jewelry polishing cloth and grillz case included with the ready grillz. More information can be found here:

Ordering from the US: includes jewelry polishing cloth and grillz case. We do not include mould kits for international orders due to the delay in process times and shipping costs. Please find our more information about ordering from the US here: We recommend you get your mould taken by your dentist for best results or ordering a mould kit (teeth impression kit) online. If you would like to buy a mould kit through us then you need to add it to your order but this will add 5-10 working days to the process and return label is not included.

Please specify which teeth between from below image from your perspective (looking out) for example:
  • R3 My right 3rd tooth (eg Canine) and R2 My right 2nd tooth (Incisor)